Zizo Smart Phone Case Review

Product Description

The Zizo smart phone case is a rugged little smart phone case. Other companies can say that, but Zizo proved it by meeting military standard 810-G. When it can meet military drop test standards, you know it will protect your phone if you drop it while casually answering the phone.
This smart phone case is designed to disperse the stress of an impact so that it doesn’t damage the phone. It also offers protection from general stresses so you’re unlike to break the phone if you accidentally sit on it or put a back pack on top of it.
This smart phone case is minimally engineered, so it doesn’t have lots of layers or bulk to get in your way. Yet it is an aesthetic case, so you don’t have to worry about how it looks on your phone. Pink and rose are two of the most popular colors but not the only ones available.
The smart phone case has a two way built in kickstand. The kickstand can hold the phone up vertically and horizontally, allowing you to hold it steady in place for watching or sharing images and video without having to physically hold it.
The Zizo smart phone case fits HTC phones and may or may not fit other brands of smart phones.

Personal Review

The Zizo smart phone case stood out because of how good it looks and how good it is supposed to protect my phone. If the case is good enough to handle battle conditions, it should be good enough for day to day life. And after dropping my phone on carpet and worrying whether or not it had been damaged, that strong protection is exactly what I was looking for.
I’m using the Zizo protective case on an HTC phone. The outer shell has the kick stand. You can take that off and have only the softer shock absorbent layer underneath, but you don’t have to do that in order to comfortably carry it in your pocket. The foam layer fits good, which is essential because while it is moderate work to put on the phone, it is an outright challenge to get off. So make sure the phone is the right size for the case and that you’re putting it on in the right directly before you start trying to work the phone into the protective foam layer. For example, if your carry strap gets trapped inside against the phone, you’re left with five minutes or more trying to slide the foam layer off like wet jeans to get the carry strap out.
The seller of the Zizo smart phone protective case sent it almost immediately after I ordered it. It arrived quickly and without any issues. And this case comes at a reasonable price, though almost any smart phone case short of a luxury brand is a good investment compared to the cost of having your smart phone repaired. Consider it insurance but without the need to take the phone in to the only repair place in town or worrying if the damage your phone got is covered by the warranty.

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