STRIKE Impact Kickstand Case

STRIKE Impact Kickstand Case Product Description

The Strike Impact smart phone case is designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020 from AT&T.
Warning: this case does not fit anything other than a Nokia Lumia 1020. It does not fit any other Nokia Lumia model, much less any other Nokia handheld device. Nor does it fit any other smart phone.
The advantage of a smart phone case designed for a specific model is that it is tailor made and fits the smart phone perfectly. You don’t have to worry if the holes in the case give you easy access to ports and plugs. You don’t have to wonder if the phone case will fit the phone or have extra space inside the case that could allow it to get a little damaged when the phone is dropped. The Strike Impact case for the Nokia Lumia 1020 will protect that model while letting you access all of the necessary points, never getting in the way of your use of the device.
The Strike Impact case is double layered. The inner soft silicone skin makes it absorb almost every impact. The hard polycarbonate (PC) plastic provides scratch protection and load distribution. It won’t protect the phone if you run over it with a car, but it provides serious protection whether you drop the phone from the night stand or it gets stepped on after the fall to the ground. Its only limitation is that it isn’t water proof, but it provides decent protection from casual spills. The screen protection for example, protects the screen from scratches, fingerprints and that casual spray when you cough on it. And the screen protection doesn’t interfere with your ability to use the touch screen.
The kickstand is built into the case. It gives you a convenient way to set up the phone for stable landscape or portrait viewing. Whether you want to take a picture, capture video, hold a teleconference or watch a movie, the kickstand is a stable and steady way to hold the phone in place when you don’t want to hold it yourself.
The Strike Impact kickstand case comes in a variety of patterns and colors to suit any tastes. It comes with a capacitive stylus pen.

STRIKE Impact Kickstand Case Personal Review

I bought this smart phone case because it was recommended for my model phone. Watch the model number, because it will only fit a Nokia Lumia model 1020 phone as sold by AT&T. I’ve seen poor ratings because someone had a different Nokia phone and then complained it didn’t fit.
I like how the case lets me plug in any peripheral designed for the Nokia phone without having to wiggle it in or jam it in. The case is never in the way.

    The kickstand is durable and holds the phone steady, and the case protects the phone if it gets knocked down while set up on the kickstand.

The protective film that comes with the case is useful, you don’t have to buy a separate screen protector in addition to this case in order to protect the phone.

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