Skmy Phone Case for Huawei Ascend XT Review

This phone case by Skmy is designed to fit the Huawei Ascend XT smart phone. It fits the Huawei Ascend XT 6.0 phone and Huawei model H1611 phone.
The most commonly available version of the Skym smart phone case has a black leather exterior hiding a poly-urethane interior, with a thin iron sheet inside. The soft TPU shell around the phone protects it from damage when it is dropped, while the black exterior and iron sheet protect it from damage if something is set on it. The phone case can also be found in brown leather, red and other colors, though not all sellers offer the other colors.
The case has a perfectly located set of cutouts, making it easy to plug in headset jacks, charging cables and access controls without exposing a single millimeter of the phone than necessary. The only minor problem with the case is that it interferes with the speaker phone, making it harder to hear if you’re in speaker phone mode. The cutouts sometimes blend in with the buttons, which can affect volume if it is bouncing around in your pocket. Make sure you have the phone properly encased in this phone case so that the buttons are properly lined up. If you cannot see or feel the buttons, you either put it on wrong or the case doesn’t fit your phone. Buy it from a reputable seller to get a quality one instead of a cheap one that wears out fast.
The thin case doesn’t add bulk to the phone. You can use the tempered glass screen protectors with this case, but it is not necessary and it doesn’t come with the case.

Unlike many phone cases, it comes with a foldable stand case. You can use this to set up the smart phone to watch streaming video or engage in video chat without having to strain yourself holding the phone.
The leather cover is comfortable in your grip, and it won’t slip away from you. It also doubles as a miniature wallet, letting you put cash or a credit card or ID card in it. Note that it only has one card slot, so it cannot completely replace your wallet. The card slot stretches easily, so don’t take things in and out of that slot very often. This accelerates wear and tear in the leather, if you have the leather version, increasing the odds the leather will tear. The downside of the phone case’s design is that the case doesn’t have a Velcro or magnetic flat to keep the case closed. Avoid taking the phone in and out of the case, since this can rip the inner lining.
The manufacturer offers a hundred percent lifetime replacement guarantee. This is almost unheard of in the industry. The warranty does not cover scratches or scuffs to the thin leather exterior. If the leather is left in the heat and direct sunlight, it may crack. Note that that type of heat exposure is bad for your phone, anyway.
The cover weighs just one and a half ounces. It offers protection to the phone without adding bulk or weight. It is quite affordable protective case for the Huawei Ascend XT smart phone.

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