Samsung Galaxy J3 Case

Product Description

This smart phone case, the HY Series by LK, is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 V, Samsung Galaxy Express Prime and the Galaxy Amp Prime.
You get a no-slip grip that ensures that the protective case isn’t so hard to hold onto that you’re actually at greater risk of dropping it. In fact, the HY Series phones have a textured back to prevent that from happening. The multiple layers of the case make it pleasant to hold for extended periods while protecting the phone. The HY Series phone case is made with two separate impact resistant layers. The shock absorbent layer literally takes the abuse so your phone doesn’t break if dropped from a few feet off the ground. That layer is made from soft silicone. The outer layer is a hard polycarbonate bumper that won’t scratch or wear down. Both layers are relatively thin, so you get a form fitting smart phone case for nearly any Samsung phone.
The case has a raised lip around the screen and camera so that they won’t get dirty or damaged when you put the Samsung phone down. And unlike some generic protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy, this protective phone case doesn’t cover the camera lens.
The design is easy to snap on and off the phone. You don’t have to slip it on like a sock as has to be done with some of the rival smart phone covers. Nor do you have to take off the cover in order to reach the charging ports, audio jack and essential controls. That is one of the reasons why you want to buy a smart phone case made for your particular model of smart phone like the HY Series is made for the Samsung J3 and Amp Prime models. The few buttons that are covered are still accessible through a thin protective layer. The black case is the best selling version.
This smartphone case comes in a variety of colors.

Personal Review

This black phone case by LK, the HY Series, offers optimal protection at an affordable price. It is sleek and lightweight without adding bulk or being hard to handle. The foam covers all of the phone, including the corners. The dual layer shock absorbing foam distributes the forces of any impact, so it even protects your Samsung Galaxy phone if it lands on a corner. It offers some protection if the phone lands flat screen down, and it protects the phone if the phone is simply laid on an uneven surface so the screen doesn’t get dirty or scratched.
The textured back doesn’t take away from its appearance, and the whole case is easy to hold for hours, though ideally your phone conversations don’t last that long. This phone case is easy to put on and you don’t have to take it off in order to charge or connect peripherals to the phone, which is an excellent reason to get it. I’ve seen too many people have to take off the case in order to charge the phone or connect a headset, and now it is literally exposed when it is most likely to fall off your desk or night stand. Yet it is easy to take off for when you want to clean pocket lint out of the ports or replace the screen protector.
The LK HY Series phone case is the ideal choices if you have a Samsung Galaxy J3.

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