Ringke Fusion Phone Case Review

The Ringke Fusion phone case is designed to fit around the Huawei P10 Plus smart phone that came out in 2017. How much protection does it offer your Huawei phone? It meets the MIL-STD 810G U.S. military standard for impact protection. They are proven to survive a test from four feet (1.2 meters) 26 times onto an impact surface. This internationally known brand has sold more than thirty million phone cases around the world.
The Ringke phone case protects the phone from not only impact but scratches. However, the case has extra padding on the corners to protect from the normally devastating corner impact. Yet it does so with a well-engineered, ultra-thin case. The phone case itself weighs less than an ounce. This is amazing protection given the small profile of the protective case.
It covers the controls, protecting them from dust and moisture, while the “active touch” technology allows you to access the power and volume controls. There are no gaps or loose edges to let moisture from a spill seep in, lint work its way into access ports or allow the case to come apart on impact, causing it to fail when you need it most. There are dust caps attached to the phone case to let you cover the charging port and audio jack, keeping out dirt and debris. You won’t have to worry about how to clean lint out of your charging jack with this phone case, as long as you use the dust caps when those jacks aren’t in use. The cutouts are placed precisely so that the case doesn’t interfere with the plugs. And the case itself is snug to the phone, so debris can’t get in and the phone never slides out.
The case has a raised bezel to protect the screen from stains or scratches if you lay it face down on a table. You can use this case with a screen protector.

Its unique anti-static protection reduces the risk of little shocks and jolts that can impact the performance of the phone.
The case is available in clear plastic, sliver, grey and “black sky”. You can choose from a variety of “accent” colors for the edge of the case. The manufacturer Ringke sells wrist wraps to help you hold onto the phone and avoid dropping it, but those are sold separately from this case. The soft, flexible edges allow you to maintain a good grip on the phone.
This is the right phone case for your Huawei P10 Plus smart phone if you want the best in impact and dust protection, whether you tend to drop your phones or are tired of looking up how to get dirt and lint out of the ports. It allows you to do so stylishly and without the case getting in the way of operating your Huawei P10 Plus smart phone. And it does so at an affordable price, a fraction of what some of the rival cases cost. You may be able to save more by buying related items along with the smart phone case like wrist wraps and screen covers.

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