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One of the mistakes too many people make when buying a smart phone case is not looking at the make and models of phones it literally fits. Yes, all smart phones are about the size of one’s hand. But if you buy a case made for a smaller smart phone, it won’t fit a larger phone. And buying a smart phone case branded for iPhone, HTC, Huawei, Nokia or other smart phones isn’t good enough. For example, the phone cases that fit the iPhone 6 and 6S won’t offer adequate protection for the iPhone 5 if it fits at all. A smart phone case for one model of phone may not have holes where the charging ports, headphone plugs and other critical access points are located, and you don’t want to cut holes in the smart phone cover to access these ports. Sometimes the holes line up, but the holes in the case don’t fit your hardware. This is seen even with iPhone cases that have holes for the charging ports that fit Apple’s proprietary hardware but not any third party peripherals. Read the reviews to see if that is the case before you buy a particular smart phone case.

The Literal Fit and Phone Models

Another issue to take into account is whether or not the case covers power buttons or other controls. If the case covers those buttons on your phone, find out if the controls are still easily manipulated. User reviews are a better indicator of this than manufacturer’s product descriptions.Impact ProtectionImpact protection is the primary purpose of most smart phone cases. You know that smart phone cases that meet various military standards or MIL-STD for short meet the highest military standards. ISO and ANSI standards for impact protection are almost as good as military standards. A smart phone doesn’t have to meet military or industry standards for impact protection, but if it doesn’t protect the phone from needing repairs after falling off the table, you shouldn’t buy the smart phone. Be careful of the industrial standards listed in product descriptions. Some companies will cite industry standards regarding material quality or minor fall tests, when it is the ability of the case to protect the phone if it lands screen down or on its corner that are the most important. Conversely, patent pending is promoted as important by many smart phone case manufacturers but it actually doesn’t matter. You can file for a patent for something that isn’t patentable, and patents on novel designs doesn’t meet it protects the phone better or protects it at all. Case material matters only to the degree that it helps the phone case do its job. Cutting edge materials don’t matter. That said, rubberized plastic and silicone foams are the most common ones. Regardless of material, you want a soft inner layer at a minimum to provide impact protection for the phone. A harder outer layer provides scratch protection that soft shock absorbent layers rarely do. Carbon fiber outer layers are the most expensive material used for this purpose, but lower cost options like polycarbonate work almost as well. CostPremium brands are almost never worth the cost. Getting a luxury brand logo on your iPhone case, for example, is almost a redundant waste of money since you’ve already paid a fortune for the iPhone itself. CustomizationCustomization is held up as a key deciding factor for smart phone cases, but it shouldn’t be. Yes, it is nice to have mobile phone cases and covers that look good, but that ceases to matter after the first bill comes for repairing a cracked screen or damaged port. And you can buy dull gun metal or white case and decorate it with skins.Waterproofing Waterproofing is valuable only if it matters to you. If you’ve ruined more than one phone dropping it in a puddle while biking outside or in the toilet, then you should consider a smart phone case that is water proof.

Top Features Of Mobile Cover/Cases

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