OBLIQ Premium Case Review

Product Description

The OBLIQ Premium Slim Meta Series of phone case is designed for the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus phones. The OBLIQ smart phone case is compatible with iPhones sold by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and others. What makes it stand out, though, is the fact that it fits and protects the iPhone 6 in all its variations. It doesn’t fit other types of smart phones.
The form fitting polycarbonate case offers excellent protection for the iPhone without adding bulk. The case is airbrushed for a sleek and stylish design. The titanium grey case shown here is only one of the metallic colors it comes in. For example, it can be found in gold, as well.
The precise button cutouts let you access all ports like the charging port without having to take off the protective case. And you can use the headphone jack and clearly hear the speakers when the case is on.
The protective case is slim enough to not take up much space on its own, yet it protect the phone from average height falls. And it has an elevated bumper around the screen so that you don’t damage the screen or just get it dirty when the phone is laid screen down on a surface. However, it isn’t so thick that you can’t reach the screen easily. This case does not come with a stylus, and it doesn’t have a screen protector. You can use a standard laminate screen protector on the iPhone and still fit the phone in this case.
This smart phone case does not come with a magnetic insert used by some to mount the smart phone in the car. The smart phone case is narrow enough that the iPhone still fits in most hands-free cradles for use in many info-tainment centers. And you can still use the phone with many belt clips and other accessories designed for the iPhone 6.

Personal Review

My boyfriend bought the gold OBLIQ premium case for me to go with my new iPhone 6S. It is called champagne gold. It is beautiful, and more importantly, it is lightweight. The case covers nearly all of the phone without restricting my access to essential interfaces. It is thin enough to let me still put the phone in my pocket or purse. And while it is a hard case, it isn’t slippery like some plastic or foam smart phone cases. As if that’s something you’d want when the intent is to protect the phone!
The only downside of this case is that the color isn’t as vivid as it seemed from the online pictures. The case almost looks like one made for the iPhone 5 though it fits the iPhone 6.
The case doesn’t have a magnetic car mount built into it, despite the price. You can buy a magnetic car mount panel separately and put it in the case to use; there is enough room in the OBLIQ case to do that, but barely.
This is a decent iPhone 6S phone case if you are looking for a good protective cover without all the extras. Just know that the bright contrasting images on the online catalogs aren’t what you’ll get in real life.

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