J&D Slim Case for the HUAWEI Honor 5X

  • This phone case is designed for the HUAWEI Honor 5X smart phone. It fits the phone very well and does so without adding much bulk.
    The exterior of the case isn’t slippery, a problem with many sleek phone cases. Too many other cases protect the phone in case it is dropped but aim for a sleek look and end up with a slippery exterior that makes the user more likely to drop it in the first place. The TPU exterior also makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. There is no built in frame for supporting the phone so that you can video-conference or watch streaming video hands-free, though the phone case is so thin that you can leave the case on while placing the Huawei phone in other brands of stands.
    Note that the case does not offer full impact protection; in short, it isn’t shock proof. So while it protects the phone if it falls off the nightstand onto carpet, it won’t completely prevent the phone from being damaged if it is dropped edge-on onto tile or concrete. Think of it as protection from being casually scratched when put on a rough concrete step or stained if your friend spills a drink on the table where it rests. If you tend to drop your phone a lot while walking outside, you will want a different smart phone case with full impact protection.
    The port holes of the J&D case line up perfectly with the charger, the audio jack and other access points. However, it isn’t going to protect the phone very much if you accidentally drop it in water. Yet the case fits the phone so well that you’ll rarely get lint or debris from your pocket getting into the small gaps of the case and end up interfering with buttons.
    The case provides full access to all of the function keys of the Honor 5X smart phone. Note, however, it isn’t designed to fit the Honor 6 phone that came out in 2017. Some people buy it and complain it doesn’t fit, but that’s because they bought the 5X case and tried to put it on the generation 4 or generation 6 phone. The J&D case can be used in conjunction with an Honor 5X screen protector without any issues.
    The smart phone case is backed by a one year warranty for manufacturing defects, and J&D has a reputation for excellent customer service. One benefit of the U.S. based J&D is that American customers get the item quickly, versus some of the Asian manufacturers and distributors who sell dirt cheap cases that take two or more weeks to arrive at a U.S. customer’s address.
    The only major downside of the case is how easily the back of it gets scratched up, though this isn’t covered by the warranty. However, this doesn’t put the phone at risk, either.
    The most commonly available color is matte black. The manufacturer also offers them in red and blue, though not all distributors are selling those colors. The case itself is easy to take on and off. In short, it is an easy to use case that offers basic protection for the Honor 5X smart phone.

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