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Product Overview

This iPhone 6 and 6s compatible phone case has cutting edge TPU material to provide the ultimate protection for your iPhone. Its 3mm raised lip prevents the screen from getting scratched, which costs a fortune to have replaced by the geniuses at the Apple store or way too much money (and risk) to try to fix via a kit bought off the internet. It is cheaper and safer to buy this protective case for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s instead.
The patented design lets you access and use buttons with ease while protecting the screen and same buttons from damage. You’re unlikely to butt dial people when the iPhone is in this case. And since it is pocket friendly, it is unlikely to fall out of your pocket and into the toilet. The only factor to consider is that the case is not water proof, so it will not protect the phone from water if it did land in a toilet. It will protect the phone if it hits the floor.
Many iPhone users worry about the look of a case relative to the sleek iPhone. This case has a stylish case that comes in a variety of patterns.

  • Personal Review
  • Given the price of an iPhone 6, it is worth it to pay for an iPhone 6 specific case to protect it – and much cheaper than the insurance. I bought this iPhone 6 case, and it perfectly fit around the iPhone without any effort. It was secure but not unwieldy. The case I bought has a marble pattern. And its shock proof padding means that the phone won’t break if dropped on the sidewalk.
    The product is a basic, durable and reliable iPhone 6 case. It covers all corners of the phone and fits perfectly. It has separate plastic pieces for covering the volume controller and lock button, if you want to use them. One of the benefits of a case designed for the iPhone 6 is that it gives you perfect access to the headphone jack, speakers and charging port. Generic phone cases may cover up these items and then you’re struggling to take off the cover to charge it or hear your music. You can add an extra screen laminate to improve the phone’s protection even more.
    I like how the case isn’t so slippery that you’re prone to dropping it because of the case’s material. And it isn’t so hard that it is uncomfortable to carry in my pocket. Nor is it bulky, which is a problem with cheaper cases that rely on thick foam instead of higher quality foam.
    The only downside of the material is that the case’s outer layer is prone to getting scratched up so that it isn’t as attractive, though this doesn’t risk the phone itself in the least. And given the price of this iPhone 6 case, you can afford a few spares or extra designs.
    All in all, I give this iPhone 6s case ten out of ten. Or five stars out of five, which is what this website prefers. What else can I say except this phone case is worth the investment?

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