iPhone 6 2 in 1 Hybrid Case Cover Review 2017

Product Overview

The 2 in 1 hybrid case cover for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S by AMC is designed specifically for that model of iPhone. For example, the charging ports and headphone jack are readily accessible. The case has engineered holes that give you perfect access to those ports while protecting the phone body around those orifices.
The two in one of the name refers to the two layers of absorbent material in the case that provide superior shock absorption when it is dropped and scratch resistance. The case is compact, so you don’t have to choose between protecting the phone and being able to put it in your pocket. The AMC 2 in 1 hybrid case cover doesn’t let dirt, debris and other objects reach the phone, though it can’t protect against water if you drop the phone in the sink. It will protect the phone from casual splashes.
The phone case isn’t slippery, which actually causes some people to drop other iPhone cases. Nor is the material so hard that it is uncomfortable to carry.
The 2 in 1 hybrid case cover has a 0.8 mm raised lip around the screen to protect it from casual damage. And this lip ensures that the iPhone screen won’t get damaged when you put it screen down on a table and reduces the risk it will get dirty from contact with food or spills.

Personal Review

I bought this iPhone 6S 2 in 1 hybrid case because I liked the look, and for the fact that it is cheaper to buy this than insurance for the iPhone.
The case looks good on the iPhone, and it isn’t hard to take on or off. It does take a minute to figure out the gray rubbery piece you put on first; you have to slide it on and make sure it is in place like a sock before you put the hard blue/green shell on over it. You have to be careful to line up the holes in the case for the jack and charging ports, but if lined up correctly, you don’t have to take off the case to charge the iPhone. The only minor annoyance is the fact that the toggle button inset isn’t quite right, so switching that isn’t as easy as it would be without a case on.
This iPhone case doesn’t slip and slide, which sometimes caused the audio jack to come out of the port with my last case.
Let’s be honest about how much protection the case provides. It won’t protect the phone if you drop it in a swimming pool, but it will protect the phone from a minor spill. The case can’t protect the phone from a six foot drop but will probably protect it from damage if it falls off the night stand. And unlike some cases, it doesn’t have a built in screen protector or a raised lip so that that the screen won’t get dirty if you put the phone screen down on a dirty table. So you’ll probably want to get a separate screen protector in addition to this case.
The place that I ordered the case from sent it quickly.
And regarding honesty, here’s my disclaimer. I did receive a free case in exchange for my unbiased review, and I do reviews like this frequently. I was not obligated to provide a positive review, which you can see from some of my criticisms of the product.

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