Huawei P8 Lite Phone Case

Product Description

This Huawei P8 phone case offers protection from modest drops, scratches and abrasion while letting you access the phone’s functions.
This phone cover is made from durable, shock absorbing TPU rubber. It won’t slip in your sweaty hands but doesn’t feel like a hard leather or plastic case. You can hold it all day and it won’t strain your grip.

Personal Review

One of the benefits of a case made for a particular phone model is the snug as a glove fit. You don’t have to worry if the case will fit the phone securely, providing protection if it falls off the table without having gaps and spaces around the phone where lint can collect or interfere with plugging in ear buds. When the case is custom made for your phone type, you don’t have to worry about wiggling in the charging cable or wonder if you can plug in any peripheral after you put the case on. That’s why I bought this case made specifically for the Huawei P8. It is maddening to buy a phone and then find that most cases on the market cover up charging ports, the headset plug or interfere with some button on the phone.
I’ve been using a portfolio type case, and this smart phone case for the Huawei P8 Lite is even thinner than that. It offers good protection for the phone without a lot of bulk. It isn’t so thin that it seems like it will fall apart after a few months riding around in a pocket or purse. And the manufacturer trimmed the edges so that there are no corners of foam that will wear off as the phone rides around in the case, creating debris that can clog the ports. There’s no point in getting a phone case to protect it from accidental drops if it leaves plastic foam pieces in critical ports. The phone cover does have enough foam to be protective, too, for everything except dropping it from a great height. It won’t protect the phone if it is dropped in water.
So why aren’t I giving this phone case for the Huawei P8 five stars? First, you have to buy it from China. Yes, I know, nearly everything is made in China these days. The problem is that you have to order the case from China and have it delivered. You’re talking waiting two or more weeks for delivery. The manufacturer says that delivery can take a month, so you have to order it well in advance of the holidays or someone’s birthday to get it in time.

    It comes in a variety of colors but not decorative designs.

All in all, this phone case receives four stars out of five from me. But if you have a Huawei P8 phone, it is one of the only brand specific options on the market, so nearly any other case isn’t nearly as good.
Disclaimer: I received this product sample at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid for this review, and I had to pay for most of the product cost and shipping.

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