HTC Desire 626 Case Review 2017

HTC Desire 626 Case Review

This case was designed specifically to protect the HTC Desire smart phones, both the 626 and 626S models.
The dual layered case has a shock absorbing TPU interior. The polycarbonate exterior is rugged, and it protects the phone from casual moisture, too. It won’t protect the phone if you drop it in water, though. This case will protect your phone from dirt, dust, scratches and casual drops. The phone case comes with an insert to ensure the phone is snuggly encased.
This phone case has a 180� rotating belt clip so you can put it in whatever position is comfortable. Flip it sideways so it stays securely in place while you sit down or flip it upright to use it while walking. Be aware that if the clip is repeatedly strained, it may break. You can take the belt clip off and store the phone in your pocket or purse.
The case does double duty as a support. It has a foldable kickstand so you can set it on the table and watch movies instead of getting tired holding it out like a miniature TV screen. Or set it out on the table for hands free video recording of life events.
The phone case comes with a matching stylus. The blue stylus is easy to see in slow light and when you drop it on the car seat.
This phone case is quite affordable.

Personal Review

I bought this case because it seemed to be high quality for a low price. I like the screen protector built into the case so I can see who is calling or use the stylus that comes with it to manipulate the menus, instead of fumbling to take out the phone to answer it. The stylus is easy to use and find if you need to.
The phone case protects the phone from being scratched or broken when you drop it from a low table. It offers some protection if you spill a drink on the table next to it.
Why then aren’t I giving this phone case for a HTC Desire 626 five stars? First and foremost, the belt clip does not live up to expectations. It is supposed to be as rugged as the case, yet it broke off after a couple of days of use. I have to take one star off the review for that part breaking so soon after we bought the 626 phone case. Fortunately, you don’t have to use the belt clip to use the case. You can put the HTC Desire phone in the case and even use the stand that comes with it to watch movies on the phone or capture videos.
Another factor to consider is how insulated this smart phone case is. While it absorbs impacts readily, it also traps heat around the phone. If you have a phone prone to overheating, this phone case acts like a cozy jacket and guarantees it will overheat quickly. Conversely, if you don’t use the phone all the time and want a protect cover to make sure it doesn’t get damaged when you’re fumbling for it, this is a cheap but high quality protective case for your smart phone.


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