Custom Phone Case in 2017

Product Description

This smart phone case is designed for the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6 (the 2014 and 2015 editions)

  • . This iPhone protective case is made with polycarbonate and TPU to offer the greatest protection with a minimum of weight and space. You get to keep the slim, sleek outlines of your phone while still having advanced shock absorption.
  • This phone case has the added benefit of air cushioning at all four corners to prevent the horrible damage that occurs when the phone lands on its corner, something many cases barely reduce.
    Why should you buy an iPhone case made just for the iPhone? When all of the cutouts perfectly fit your speakers, cameras and ports, you don’t have to take the case off in order to charge it or plug in peripherals. This reduces the odds that you’ll damage the phone during regular tasks like charging it or put it at risk of being damaged when it falls off your desk while you’re listening to music. This iPhone 6 case offers a raised lip around the screen so that it is less likely to be damaged if the phone falls “face first” onto the floor, and the phone won’t get scratched or streaked when you put it down on the table face down.
    Why would you want to buy this iPhone case? Aside from the outstanding impact protection, you can customize the case with any number of designs.
    This iPhone case is clear. The back is hard rigid plastic while the sides are a softer material that allow you to manipulate the controls like the volume buttons.

    Personal Review

    I’ve had my iPhone 6 since 2014, so I’ve gone through several different cases for it. This one feels the best, literally. It never slips out of your hand, even if hot and sweaty. It fits comfortably in my pocket and doesn’t catch on the material. It has protected the phone the few times it has fallen off a table. If I put it on the table, most crumbs or minor spills don’t reach the screen at all. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to put a screen protector on the phone for extra protection; the phone case still fits if you put a standard screen protector on the phone.
    There are a few issues with the case. The band around the edge of the phone covers the volume and off button, and while you can manipulate them, such that can make it take more than one attempt to make it work. Second, the logo on the case has left a minor imprint on the back of my iPhone when I’ve had to take off the case. I used a soft plastic pen cap to scratch that off the iPhone and then literally cut off the logo from the inside of the phone case. Third, the case doesn’t prevent all debris from getting inside of it, so you’re just as likely to have to take off the case to clean the phone as not if there is lint or other debris in the ports.
    The holes in the case for the ports are not a problem if you use Apple branded peripherals. The charging hole fits the Apple charging cable. It doesn’t fit the often larger third party cables. You can still take the case off to use third party charging cables, but then you’re back to the risk that the phone isn’t protected when it falls off the table when you try to remove it up from the charger.

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