Armor Hybrid Case Review 2017

Product Description

The Armor 3-in-1 hybrid protective case doesn’t just protect your phone from scratches and impacts. It comes with a built in kick stand to let you watch streaming video as if you’re watching a small TV, set the phone down to casually record video, play streaming media without requiring you to hold it or position it for a professional video conference.
The hybrid case by Armor has a two layer design. The rubberized interior provides superior shock absorption. The hardened exterior cover protects the phone from scratches and being damaged by someone sitting on it. The case is form fitting, so you won’t have debris get inside the case and damage components. The high quality foam won’t wear off and form crumbs that get inside the ports. This durable 3-in-1 hybrid protective case is durable – it won’t fall apart after a few months of use and abuse. And its functional form won’t get in the way of you actually using your phone.
The soft rubber layer is slipped on before you put the protective hard outer layer on it.
Personal Review

The Armor 3-in-1 hybrid case looks a lot like the Otterbox smart phone case; the main difference is the price tag, half that of Otterbox.
My smart phone fits well inside the case and I don’t have to shimmy it in the way I have with other phone cases. It is comfortable to hold while still protecting my phone.
I liked the idea of the kick stand so I could set the phone up to capture video like a camcorder on a stand, video chats without me constantly holding it or playing video like a TV. I just wished the stand had lasted more than a few uses. It broke within two weeks. That didn’t affect the rest of the phone case, though. I just have to take one star off for that issue. The kickstand doesn’t swivel, either, but trying to make it do so is not what caused it to break. It is just structurally weak. And it is simply hard to get the kickstand open if you have short nails.
However, the case itself has been durable; it has protected the phone after being dropped several times, once in the mud by my husband while working outside. Note that the case can’t protect the phone if you drop it in water, not just on damp ground. It isn’t water proof.
I’m disappointed the phone case did not come with instructions that say you put the rubber layer on and then the hardened layer. I’d have preferred an all in one, though the fact that you can take the hardened cover off if the thing doesn’t fit in your pocket fully assembled can be convenient. The inconvenient part is trying to take the foam layer off if you didn’t put it on right or need to take it off to clean the phone ports.
The price is great. I received it quickly even for something ordered through Amazon Prime.
The colors in the photos online are not the exact shade that you get, but that may be due to the lighting in the photos.

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